Pass on Gaudin Ford


I tried Gaudin Ford Service and I compared them to Ford Country Service in Las Vegas . I will choose Ford Country Service for my future repairs and pass on using Gaudin Ford.

Gaudin Ford $ervice has higher pricing than Ford Country Service.. For example, to inspect my seat belt for repair , Gaudin charged me $60 inspection fee. Ford Country charged me $ZERO for the same inspection.

I spent $2000 for my repair work at Gaudin, yet they wanted to charge me $60 to inspect my seat belt?

No thank you, Gaudin Ford Service.... I will not be coming back in the future when my cars need repair.

Bruce Redden



That's funny Brad C, you wanna fix problem when you are part of the problem...good luck to anyone who goes buys a car at Gaudin Ford

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #648537

As i don't have you in my system, please contact me at so i may review and resolve your problem. Also, did you bring your complaint to anyone's attention?

Thanks for your time and attention to this matter. I look forward to speaking with you.

Gaudin Ford Las Vegas - Dangerous

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After working on the brakes of my car they wanted to send me home with only 2 lug nuts on the front tire! One was broken and the other was stripped.

When I pointed it out the shrugged and said too bad. They failed to diagnose a broken mount mount and many other things any basic mechanic should know. This is the worst place to take your car. They are totally incompetent and going there may cost you your life.

The only time they tried to do anything was when I walked on to the showroom floor and started talking to people who were buying cars.

I got at least one person to walk away when he was sitting with pen in hand to sign the contract. Avoid this place at all costs.


Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #648540

I apologize for your situation. Do you have the correct dealer and location as we are in Vegas?

If us, I am unclear how we did not diagnose a repair. Was it requested to be diagnosed/repaired? There is a check out fee that must be authorized by a consumer prior to us inspecting. It also seems like an easy fix to add 2 lugnuts?

Please contact me at so i may better review/resolve your complaint? Thanks!

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